Arizona Governor's Conference

July 23 - July 24


Good afternoon,

As we’re just about a week away from Virtual GCOT, which will be a new experience for all of us, I wanted to share a little bit more about what to expect and why we’re so excited about this year’s program.
Our first day — Wednesday, July 22, starting at 2 p.m. — will begin with our look back and look forward, where we typically celebrate our collective success and discuss plans to make the upcoming year even better. We’ll still do that this year (preview: 2019 was another record-breaker), but we’ll dedicate a lot more attention to our look forward.
In preparing to meet the monumental challenges before all of us, we developed a statewide Tourism Strategic Recovery Plan. Our partner, Trever Cartwright of Coraggio Group, will provide a detailed overview of this plan and how it’s adaptable to serve the needs of each community. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.
I’m confident that the foundation we’ve all built through the best of times will continue to serve us through these most challenging of times. The Tourism Strategic Recovery Plan is designed to serve as our roadmap to guide us through stabilization, recovery and rebuilding.    
We’ll close out what I’m sure will feel like a quick Day 1 program with our Governor’s Tourism Awards. There were some great submissions this year, and our team is excited about recognizing this outstanding work. Check out the entire Virtual GCOT schedule to see what else we’ll be covering on Day 1, plus Day 2’s breakout sessions and a quick preview of this year’s keynote presentation by Chris Field, whose message of passion and persistence as a path to lasting change is sure to inspire.    
And finally, don’t forget that Virtual GCOT is complimentary. If you've already registered, be sure to keep an eye out for your Zoom link tomorrow and I look forward to connecting with many of next week!

Debbie Johnson
Director, Arizona Office of Tourism


AOT Weekly Travel Sentiment 7/17/20


  • Week-over-week travel was down for the US average. This is fairly normal for the week following a holiday weekend. However, there was a decrease in travel when compared to the week prior to the 4th of July weekend. 
  • Arizona travel also saw a decrease in week-over-week from travel on the holiday weekend. When compared to the week prior to the 4th there was a slight increase in distances 100-250 miles and travel matched for 250+ miles. However, travel under 100 miles was less.
  • All of the bordering states also saw a decrease in week-over-week. When compared to the week prior to the 4th, all bordering states also saw a decrease compared to travel the week of 6/27. The only exception being Nevada, but only for travel over 250+ miles  
  • It is also interesting to note that even with this decrease, weekend travel is surpassing the pre-COVID average across the board

Destination Analysts:

  • Those without travel plans in 2020 continues on its upward trend. The timeline graph does a good job illustrating this change over time. 
  • 5% see staycations as a replacement for vacations
  • 4% do not want tourists in their communities
  • 24% or all respondents listed Arizona as one of the top three places associated with the coronavirus. 29.8% of the west region respondents listed Arizona. Both are up from around 20% last week. However, Arizona is still ranking 5th overall. I recommend looking at the graph breaking down the trend line over time.


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