The County Board will talk about the way things might re open, and when.

Here is the link to the County Board of Supervisors' agenda packet for the County meeting Friday morning at 10 am:

The Board of Supervisors’ meeting will be held via virtual technology using Microsoft Teams. To join the meeting use this link: or call in using: +1 623-473-9267, Conference ID: 993 397 482#

There is a 38-page report by NAU attached to the agenda that includes info about scenarios re when to reopen the businesses. This is expected to be the big part of discussion.  In the exec summary it says:

According to the National Coronavirus Response: A Road Map to Reopening prepared by the American Enterprise Institute to effectively transition away from physical or social distancing as a primary tool for controlling current and future spread of COVID-19 and move to reopening and establishing protections to be able to lift all physical and social restrictions, a state can safely proceed when it has achieved the following triggers: 

  1. A sustained reduction in cases for at least 14 days
  1. Hospitals in the state are safely able to treat all patients requiring hospitalization without resorting to crisis standards of care 
  1. The state is able to test all people with COVID-19 symptoms 
  1. The state is able to conduct active monitoring of confirmed cases and their contacts. 

To achieve these goals, three main areas currently require strengthening: 

  1. Better data to identify areas of spread and the rate of exposure and immunity in the population; 
  1. Improvements in state and local health care system capabilities, public-health infrastructure for early outbreak identification, case containment, and adequate medical supplies; and 
  1. Therapeutic, prophylactic, and preventive treatments and better-informed medical interventions that give us the tools to protect the most vulnerable people and help rescue those who may become very sick 

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